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🪪 Access controls

Space Access Controls

ChatInteract with the chatbot by asking questions and receiving responses.YesYesYes
Clear ChatAbility to clear their chat history for a fresh start.YesYesYes
Invite MembersCan invite new members to join the space.NoYesYes
Modify Knowledge BaseCan add, edit, or delete data within the knowledge base to ensure the information is current and accurate.NoYesYes
See Feedback and AnalyticsHave access to feedback and analytics tools, allowing them to review the chatbot's performance and user interactions.NoYesYes
Edit and Customize Space InfoCan edit space details, including the name, description, and other settings.NoNoYes
Delete SpaceHave the authority to delete the entire space, removing all its data and members.NoNoYes
Remove Members from SpaceCan remove any member or admin from the space if needed.NoNoYes

Knowledge Base Access Controls

MembersView Knowledge BaseCan see the knowledge base, allowing them to reference and review the information it contains.
AdminsView and Modify Knowledge BaseCan see the knowledge base and also modify it by adding new data or deleting outdated information.
OwnerAll Admin FunctionsCan perform all the tasks that admins can with respect to the knowledge base.