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xChat Quickstart Guide

Welcome to xChat! Setting up your personalized chatbot is a breeze. Follow this step-by-step guide, and you'll be up and running in no time.

Creating Your AI assistant:

  • A personal Space is automatically created for you upon entering xChat.

    • Alternatively, to customize or create a new AI assistant, click on "New Space".
  • Add data to your AI assistant by clicking "Add Data" or start a new by selecting "New Space", where you can connect to knowledge software or provide data from a website URL.


  • When providing data from a URL, you can optionally enable "Include children links" to incorporate all linked pages from the same domain.


  • Wait as xChat trains your AI assistant. Typically this takes between 5 to 20 minutes depending on how much content there is.


  • Once trained, your assistant is ready to interact.

Embedding your AI assistant:

  • Embed your AI assistant on your website using a few lines of JavaScript.

    • Access the embedding code by clicking the ellipsis "..." -> "Embed" -> "Copy Code".



Managing your Knowledge Base:

  • Access all your data sources by clicking on “Knowledge Base”.

  • Easily remove any unwanted files from this screen.


Chatting & Rating Answers:

  • Start a chat session with your AI assistant.

  • Rate responses by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down after receiving an answer.


  • Optionally provide detailed feedback on response improvements.


Checking Analytics Dashboard:

  • From your main dashboard, select "Analytics".

  • Here, you can view metrics related to user interactions.


Reviewing Usage Limits:

  • Check your chatbot's interaction limits and remaining usage by navigating to the “Usage” page on your dashboard.


You’re all set! Enjoy exploring the capabilities of xChat.